The term “Waterproofing” is usually applied to the ingress of moisture in the upper areas of a building – usually roofs, flashings, parapets, balconies etc. A variety of different products may be used to prevent such water ingress ranging from bitumen torch-on membrane, to polyurethanes, waterproof acrylics, rubberized bitumen and many more. Once again, choosing the correct product  is critical to the long-term solution of the problem. Many products carry manufacturer’s guarantees when properly applied and it is advisable, therefore, to use a contractor who has been properly trained and can match his application guarantee to that of the manufacturer.

The waterproofing of flat roofs and balconies is not something that should be undertaken lightly. It requires a lot of skill. If not done properly it can cause extensive damage to the walls and ceilings beneath. A further problem is the positioning, size and sealing of all water outlets. Far too often water outlets are too small to take the volume of water during one of our heavy storms and this causes a build-up of water which often spills over into adjacent rooms. An adequate threshold between balconies and adjacent rooms is essential in preventing such an occurrence.