Training & Education

The Association undertakes to provide its members with access to training and exposure to new products and techniques as they become available.

Reports & Inspections

Any property owner, potential property owner or property manager worried about damp-related issues within a property can contact the Association and request that a thorough inspection of the property be conducted followed by a detailed report listing any problems and their recommended treatment. Such a service will be supplied at a cost and quotations for the service will be supplied on request. Contact us on +27 (0)8610DWASA(39272) for a quotation.

Dispute Resolution/Litigation

Where disputes arise between property buyer and seller, members of the Association are available to act as Expert Witness where such disputes lead to legal proceedings between the parties. Our reports and testimony are based solely on fact and often lead to the resolution of such problems before going to court. Contact us on +27 (0)8610DWASA(39272) for more advice. The Association further undertakes to act as mediator in any dispute between property owners and members of the Association. However, the Association can not be held liable for any actions or omissions of its members.


Property owners and managers are welcome to contact the Association for advice on any issue relating to dampproofing , waterproofing, property alterations and painting. One of our experts will be more than happy to assist in your decision-making process.

“Damp-proofing” is used to describe the process of preventing moisture ingress to buildings due to Rising, Lateral and Penetrating Damp. Rising Damp can occur in buildings due to either: The absence of a Damp Proof Course (dpc)

The term “Waterproofing” is usually applied to the ingress of moisture in the upper areas of a building – usually roofs, flashings, parapets, balconies etc. A variety of different products may be used to prevent such water ingress r

National Building Regulations (SANS 10400) give clear guidelines on the way in which buildings and alterations to them should be carried out and yet we still find rooms that are built on to boundary walls with consequent damp problems. Other problems

Damp-proofing and Waterproofing usually result in some changes to the appearance and make-up of a building requiring redecoration. Some of our members are able to provide all such services. What is important is that you not only choose a paint that w