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Membership of the Association is open to individuals, contractors and manufacturers & suppliers of dampproofing and waterproofing products subject to the terms and conditions detailed below.

The Association is established as a non-profit organization representing the interests of:

  • Property Owners
  • Property Management agencies
  • Bodies Corporate
  • Dampproofing and Waterproofing contractors
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers of dampproofing & waterproofing products
  • Consultants, Specifiers and Architects


The Association aims to establish high levels of competence within the industry through quality products and skilled applicators so as to give members of the public confidence in the treatment of their damp problems and a vehicle for the resolution of complaints.

  1. Property Owners, Property Management Agencies and Bodies Corporate
  • To provide quality service to the end-user by supplying details of approved contractors meeting the standards and code of conduct of the Association
  • Evaluating quotations received by end-users to enable a reasonable comparison of the services and costs provided
  • Providing advice on all matters relating to the dampproofing and waterproofing of structures and substrates
  • To act as a first line mediator in disputes between end-users and contractors



  • To promote and assist businesses engaged directly or indirectly in the dampproofing and waterproofing industry or in related industries and to further the commercial and other interests of those businesses
  • To provide the formation and exchange of views on any question connected with the conduct of any trade or business with which any of the member of the Association is associated
  • To represent, express and give effect to the opinions of the members of the Association
  • To represent the views and interests of members of the Association with all sectors of Government
  • To provide training and on-going exposure to new products and methods of treatment of damp in its widest format
  • To act as a first line mediator in disputes between contractors and manufacturers and suppliers

      3.Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • To protect the common interests of manufacturers and suppliers in terms of the integrity of their products in the hands of members of the Association and to ensure that application is in accordance with specifications
  • To thoroughly investigate any complaints regarding the efficacy of products used by members and to assist in the identification of speedy resolution to problems
  • To act as a conduit for the dissemination of information on new products and services
  • To facilitate training at the premises of manufacturers and suppliers’ premises for members of the Association

       4. Consultants, Specifiers & Architects

  • To assist in the preparation of specifications wherever necessary
  • To act as a conduit for the completion of tenders etc
  • To provide details of members for submission of quotations etc

All potential members agree to be bound by the Articles of Association.

Applications must be completed for all branches and separate entities. There will be no blanket membership for a company with branches or outlets in more than one location.

No individual/company  will be admitted to full membership of the Association unless he/she can show that they have a minimum of 3 years practical experience in the dampproofing , waterproofing or associated  industries. Affiliate membership will be offered for those companies who have been in business for more than a year and who can produce references from at least 3 satisfied clients. Subject to satisfactory performance, this will be converted to full membership after 2 years.

Please ensure that a recent certified copy of ID is attached to the application for all individuals and authorized representatives of companies together with a copy of a letter of good standing from the bank  (this is required to ensure that adequate reserves are held for the rectification of any inferior workmanship).Details of indemnity insurance must also be provided - policy number and amount of cover.